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Café The Crown

Cocktail evening

Cocktail evening

When life gives you lemons, add gin and tonic

Special Beer Evening

Special Beer Evening

What's your poison? There is something for you

Live music

Live music

We have live music three times a week.

Great Atmosphere

Great Atmosphere

Great atmosphere, friendly staff, excellent beer

International english speaking staff

Wherever you come from, make yourself at home.

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Leffe Blond

Meet Our Leffe Blond

Leffe Blond is an authentic blond abbey beer with a subtle hint of bitterness and a glorious golden colour. A deliciously smooth flavour with hints of vanilla and clove. Served in a Leffe chalice, allowing the soft essence of this beer to reveal it's true elegance. 6,6%

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Leffe Brown

Meet Our Leffe Brown

Leffe Brown is an authentic abbey beer with a deep, dark brown colour. Hints of coffee and chocolate provide this beer with its full, slightly sweet flavour. Served in a Leffe chalice, the smooth, creamy beer head, the roasted aromas and the spiced flavour are truly revealed. 6,5%

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Hertog Jan Pilsener

Meet Our Hertog Jan Pilsener

Hertog Jan Pilsener is a firm golden blond pilsener beer. This is a fruity, aromatic bottom-fermented pilsener characterised by it's golden colour, full body and pleasantly bitter aftertaste, it is a perfect standard beer for everyone. 5,1%

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Meet Our Jupiler

Jupiler is a bitter soft pilsener with an accessible and refreshing taste. A lightly hopped malty taste, lend this beer its popularity. Definitely worth a try. 5,2% 

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Hertog Jan Weizener

Meet Our Hertog Jan Weizener

Hertog Jan Weizener is a deep golden wheat beer with a light cloudiness and a quirky character. It is whole-heartedly fresh with characterful tones of bitterness and a nice, firm aftertaste. 5,7% 

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Somersby Ciders

Meet Our Somersby Ciders

Somersby Ciders have a sparkling and refreshing nature. With three delicious flavours to choose from; apple, pear and blackberry, there is a perfect fruity variation for everyone. Best served over ice, for maximum enjoyment! 4,5%

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Meet our Guinness

Guinness has a malty sweetness and a hoppy bitterness, with notes of coffee and chocolate. A roasted flavor also comes through, courtesy of the roasted unmalted barley that goes into its brewing. It has a sweet nose, with hints of malt breaking through, and its palate is smooth, creamy, and balanced.

About us

Our Story

Café The Crown is a cozy international pub in the city center of Groningen. We serve a wide variety of beers including Hertog Jan and Leffe on tap. Wander down and enjoy a beer and a snack at our terrace on a sunny day or come along for our weekly jam session and live music nights throughout the week.

Want to throw a party? Our first floor is a private space ideal for any function and our friendly staff are always willing to help you with any inquiries.

And what´s more, there is free Wi-Fi available! Everybody is welcome!

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